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by Carole Taylor - Thursday, 5 July 2018, 3:12 PM


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On this page you can read about the latest updates to course material and important Faculty news and events. 

Tatiana Cuoco, Faculty Administrator:

Carole Taylor, Director of Studies:



Summer School, Exeter College, Oxford

Friday 17 to Friday 24 August 2018

Guest tutors: 

Brian Clark

Angela Cornish

Darby Costello

Christian Koenig

Clare Martin

Chris Mitchell

Melanie Reinhart

Christeen Skinner 

Faculty tutors

Frances Clynes

Cat Cox

Penny de Abreu

Kim Farley

Stevi Gaydon

Lindsay Gladstone

Deborah Morgan

Glòria Roca

Carole Taylor 

Dragana Van de moortel-Ilic

Weekend Courses with Brian Clark and Christeen Skinner

Five-Day Courses: Module 3 / Module 9 / Astrology in Action 

For more details visit the Summer School 2018 page on our website at

Booking opens in early January - with residential, non-residential and day-delegate options.

Lindsay Gladstone, Summer School

Carole Taylor, Summer School Programme


Online Seminars

Saturdays - 3.00-4.30 pm (UK local time)

For full details, see 

Guest Tutor seminar, 5 May: The National Chart with Nick Campion

The Presidential Suite: Four webinars by Faculty Presidents, past and present, in celebration of the Faculty's 70th anniversary:

30 June: Accuracy and Ambiguity in Psychological Astrology with Laura Andrikopoulos
14 July: Astrology and Aspects of the Feminine with Clare Martin
21 July:Telling Our Personal Story: Astrology as Narrative Medicine with Carole Taylor
20 October:Stepping onto a Path of Stars: Practising an Ancient Art in Contemporary Times with Cat Cox


Astrological Recordings Archive

By Liz Greene, Rob Hand, Melanie Reinhart, Darby Costello, Kim Farley, Mike Harding and Peta High

A selection of recordings is available to download from the main Faculty website - there is a wide range of topics to choose from, including the following:

  • Subjects covered on our Foundation syllabus: planets, houses, the angles, the four elements, aspects and aspect patterns, and the Moon's nodes
  • Subjects covered on our Diploma syllabus: transits and outer planet cycles, secondary progressions, solar arc directions, midpoints, harmonics and electional astrology
  • Other subjects: alchemy and magic

Just go to and click on the 'Payment Portal' link at the top of the page to take you to the online booking and download area.  Recorded at past Faculty Summer Schools, these are a great way to complement and add depth to your studies!


The Astrology of the Family: Diploma Module

Don't forget that we have an optional half-module at Diploma Level II - 'The Astrology of the Family', written by Brian Clark and Glennys Lawton.

The module is available by Distance Learning, attracts 10 credits towards the Diploma and can be taken instead of one or two of the subjects (part-modules) included within Modules 7 and 8.

For full details of the new options system, go to and click on 'Study With Us'.


Interpretation Practice at Certificate, Intermediate and Advanced Levels

Interpretation Practice Modules are available for all three levels of study. They are designed to offer extra practice at chart interpretation before you take the Certificate, Intermediate or Advanced Interpretation Exams.

Each comes with 3 months tuition and consists of a full chart interpretation at the appropriate level.  You can download a copy of the Student Manual for these modules from the Module 3, Module 6 or Module 9 pages here in the OLE.

And if you are interested in taking the EXAMS, you will find the following helpful documents available:

  • Helping you through the Certificate Exam - included with the Module 3 course material
  • Helping you through the Intermediate Exam - included with the Module 6 course material
  • Sample Papers for the Certificate, Intermediate and Advanced Exams (go to and go to the Examinations page under 'Study With Us')