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by Carole Taylor - Saturday, 4 March 2017, 5:43 PM


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On this page you can read about the latest updates to course material and important Faculty news and events. 

Tatiana Cuoco, Faculty Administrator:

Carole Taylor, Director of Studies:


Summer School, Exeter College, Oxford

Friday 18 to Friday 25 August 2017

Booking is now open for Summer School 2017 - with residential, non-residential and day-delegate options.

Weekend Courses with Melanie Reinhart and Michael Lutin

Five-Day Courses: Module 3 / Module 6 / Astrology in Action 

For the full programme and  prices, visit the Summer School web page at 


Lindsay Gladstone, Summer School

Carole Taylor, Summer School Programme


Online Seminars

Saturdays - 3.00-4.30 pm (UK local time)

Saturdays - 3.00-4.30 pm (UK local time)

An opportunity to practice key skills, guided by a tutor, and to meet fellow students in real time in an online classroom. All you need is a good broadband connection and (preferably) a webcam.

For full details, see

Autumn Term

Thinking Symbolically about the Planets: 22 October 2016 with Cat Cox

Introducing the Celestial Sphere & the Zodiac: 12 November 2016 with Frances Clynes

Planets in Signs and Houses: 26 November 2016 with Deborah Morgan

Working with Transits: 10 December 2016 with Carole Taylor

Spring Term

The Chart Angles and their Rulers: 28 January 2017 with Stevi Gaydon

Calculating the Angles of a Birth Chart: 25 February 2017 with Frances Clynes

The Houses and Their Rulers: 18 March 2017 with Deborah Morgan

The Progressed Moon: 1 April 2017 with Sue Farebrother

Summer Term

The Moon's Nodes: 22 April 2017 with Frances Clynes

Calculation: Calculating the Exact Position of the Planets: 24 June 2017 with Frances Clynes

Identifying the Main Themes for Interpretation & Forecasting at Intermediate Level: 1 July 2017 with Carole Taylor

Identifying the Main Themes for Foundation Level Whole Chart Interpretation: 8 July 2017 with Clair Bentley


Day Seminars in London: the Planet Series

Sundays 11am-5pm

Venue: Connaught Hall, Tavistock Square, London

Tavistock Square, London

Our programme of Day Seminars on the Planets begins 9th October 2016. Each seminar focuses on one planet in depth. For more information, go to

JUPITER: 9 October 2016 with Kim Farley
URANUS: 15 January 2017 with Darby Costello
CHIRON & THE HEALING JOURNEY: 12 February 2017 with Melanie Reinhart 
NEPTUNE: 19 March 2017 with Carole Taylor 
PLUTO: 14 May 2017 with Cat Cox

SATURN: 20 November 2016 with Stevi Gaydon


Astrological Recordings Archive

By Liz Greene, Rob Hand, Melanie Reinhart, Darby Costello, Kim Farley, Mike Harding and Peta High

A selection of recordings is available to download from the main Faculty website - there is a wide range of topics to choose from, including the following:

  • Subjects covered on our Foundation syllabus: planets, houses, the angles, the four elements, aspects and aspect patterns, and the Moon's nodes
  • Subjects covered on our Diploma syllabus: transits and outer planet cycles, secondary progressions, solar arc directions, midpoints, harmonics and electional astrology
  • Other subjects: alchemy and magic

Just go to and click on the 'Payment Portal' link at the top of the page to take you to the online booking and ...

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